The Lice Guides in Pierz, MN are head lice and treatment experts.
Guiding You Through Lousy Days Call 320-232-0414 for head lice removal and treatment services.
The Lice Guides are a head lice removal and treatment salon in Pierz MN.
Sara Vogtlin of The Lice Guides in Pierz MN can treat your hair lice condition. We have extensive experience treating head lice.
Brenda Boser of The Lice Guides in Pierz MN can treat your headlice condition. Our headlice treatment services are guaranteed.

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 2:00 pm
Sunday: Closed


After hour appointments available 24/7.

The Lice Guides can be contacted to help you eliminate your head lice condition at 320-232-0414.

About Our Office

Our staff uses “A Methodical Method” using the best micro-groove comb and non-toxic products to completely eliminate lice and their nits, GUARANTEED.

Our Services

Salon Checks & Treatments

Available 7 days a week & by appointment

School Head Checks

We work with schools anywhere in Minnesota.

Day Care & Group Home Screenings

We can do screenings at your care facility.

Lice & Nit Removal Products

We sell products to help you treat head lice.

Free Awareness Seminars

Call us to schedule a free awareness seminar.

Education & Training

Free education and training for the public.


The ladies at the Lice Guides were excellent with my family and I!!! Even with my daughters super thick long hair they went through every strand and did great at explaining things to us and making sure that everyone was comfortable and well cared for. Though having the lice wasn’t so great, going to them for help was the best decision we made!!
- Jennifer

Ah-mazing!! One phone call and Sara calmed down this panicked mommy! Got us all in, checked and treated the same afternoon!! So glad to have access to them :) and to an all-natural remedy!
- Jenny C

Why Choose The Lice Guides

Hello! My name is Sara & like you, I found myself scouring through the internet looking for everything regarding head lice. In 2011 my two girls & I had head lice. I can honestly say my first reaction was dread then came the tears. I remembered having head lice as a child & all the work my mom did in our house, having my favorite blanket & toys taken away for a month, sitting for hours as she worked to remove the lice & their eggs. Mostly, I remembered those awful feelings due to the negative stigma's associated with having a case of head lice.

I immediately called my mom to see what needed to be done. As she told me about what she used in the early 80’s, I wondered if these products were still available. Indeed, they were. I went to our pharmacy & purchased a familiar OTC treatment. I treated all 5 of my family members, including myself then dived right into the hours & hours of cleaning our home.

Exhausted but feeling like I had the upper hand, it was time to double-check yesterdays counterattack. Well, there they were! Lice & eggs remained & the bugs were very much alive. I felt the rug was pulled out from underneath & the wind was knocked out of me... But, I wasn’t going to let this little bug win. I went to the internet in search of a foolproof solution. The overload of information seemed to contradict each previous solution. Following along, I continued to comb & treat our hair week after week with little results. I had to get educated!

My luck was about to change! I came across the leading head lice research institute in the United States. I called them. They actually listened to my story & extended a personal invitation to better educated me. So, that is exactly what I did. We set the date & I was going to spend my days learning everything head lice.

I was impressed. I was no longer that panicked mom not knowing where to start. I had an "A-Z" education on head lice & their nits while gaining knowledge on treatment options. Above all else, I had an opportunity to help others.

In 2012, after spending a week at the leading head lice research institute in the United Stated & meeting some of our countries leading head lice experts, I decided to open a head lice removal salon. I asked my mom Brenda, if she would join me on this new adventure. She accepted.

Together, we will remove head lice & their eggs while educating you with the most up-to-date information available. We love our “work” & every single family that we have Guided Through Lousy Days. We will continue to do what we love & work hard to make you feel comfortable & relaxed in an environment that feels like home. It is our goal to present a different style of head lice treatment to our clients using non-toxic & safe products; we enjoy seeing the change in smiles, and being a part of that process. Thank you for taking your valuable time & energy reading our story.

Kindly, Sara & Brenda