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About Our Head Lice Treatment Salon

How Our Head Lice Salon StartedThe Lice Guides in Pierz, MN are lice removal experts.

My name is Sara and like you, I found myself scouring through the internet looking for everything A-Z, in regards to head lice. In 2011 my two girls and I had head lice. I can honestly say my first reaction was dread then came the tears. I remembered having head lice as a child and all the work my mom did in our house and having my favorite blanket & toys taken away for a month. I remembered sitting for hours as my mom worked to remove the lice and their eggs.

I immediately called her to see what needed to be done. As she told me about what she used in the early 80’s, I wondered if this OTC product was still available. Indeed it was. We went to our pharmacy and purchased Rid. I treated all 5 of my family members, including myself. Cleaned head lice from everything top to bottom and was feeling very accomplished but Wow, that was a lot of work and it was all for nothing.

As I checked through their heads again, I could see the hair lice bugs and they were very much alive. I felt the rug was pulled out from under me but I wasn’t going to let this little bug win. I went to the internet only to find an overload of information that seemed to contradict itself. I continued to work on our hair for 2 more months.

I called a family member asking how they beat the bug. She gave me a near identical story of treating & cleaning but not getting rid of it completely until she came across a salon that removed head lice. I was elated. Wow, there are places to go to remove head lice & on the first try? YES! I called and we had our appointments.

Head lice gone, done, over with all within a few hours. I was impressed. I knew know that my battle with head lice was good fate rather than misfortune. I had to get educated and help others as our family had been helped. I came across the leading head lice research institute in the US. I called them and set the date to spend my days learning everything head lice. That is exactly what I did.

I was no longer that panicked mom not knowing where to start. I was that mom that had an opportunity to help others.

In 2012, after receiving my certificate of completion from Katie Shepherd, the leading head lice expert in America, I was ready to open a head lice removal salon. I asked my mom Brenda, if she would join me on this new adventure. She accepted.

Together, we will remove head lice, their eggs and educate you with the most up-to-date information available. We love our “work” and every single family that we have guided through head lice. We will continue to do what we love!

Client Experience

At The Lice Guides we work hard to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is our goal to present a different style of head lice treatment to our clients; we enjoy seeing the change in smiles, and being a part of that process. The Lice Guides lice removal salon in Pierz, Minnesota.

We understand that life is stressful enough without adding a stressful head lice appointment. That’s why we do our best to work around your schedule. Overall, we at The Lice Guides enjoy what we do — working with our clients!

We are big proponents of continually learning, and always staying on top of treatment technology, so we can provide you with the best possible service while making head lice removal a comfortable and relaxed experience.