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Head Lice Cleaning Tips

Take a deep breath, this may not be as exhausting as you imagine. Let’s retrace, where have heads touched in the last 24 hours:

Use our head lice cleaning tips to bring your childs head lice under control.
  • Bedding (pillows, sheets, bedspreads and blankets)
  • Brushes, combs, hair accessories
  • Carpets and floors
  • Car seats (child and adults)

Next let’s make sure to clean any combs, brushes and hair ties by:

  • Bring water to rapid boil, remove from heat and add item for 20 minutes
  • Seal in zip lock bag and put in freezer overnight
  • Put in dishwasher on hot cycle
  • Simply do not use for 24 hours

Make sure to wash and dry bedding in hot temperatures (150 degrees). Blankets and comforters that cannot be washed can be put in dryer for 30 minutes or bagged for 24 hours. Use clean pajamas and bath towels.

As for the floors make sure to vacuum areas where infested person sits or lays. Such as floors, carpets, couch, car seats, etc. A lint roller works nicely on car seats when a vacuum isn’t available.

Finally remember to notify your school, daycare, family and friends. It’s not just where you got lice, but who you gave it to as well. Read our head lice testimonials that our clients have said about our services.