The Lice Guides in Pierz, MN are head lice and treatment experts.
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The Lice Guides offer a 60 day in-salon guarantee on all services. Send The Lice Guides a message about their 30 day guarantee.

Our Head Lice Guarantee

If evidence of head lice is found within the 60 day guarantee period, please e-mail or text a picture of it, save it in a zip lock bag or attach evidence to paper using clear tape and bring it into our salon. If the evidence is head lice, we will retreat for free. For our 100% guarantee, these steps MUST be followed:

The Lice Guides guarantees all of their head lice treatment services.
  • All members in the household must have a head check, including family members where children go visit other parents/siblings not in home. Checks must be within 24 hours of treatment.
  • In-Salon treatment must be given to all family members that screen positive for head lice. You must keep the scheduled follow-up re-check appointment. (Not more than 7 days after initial treatment. Available Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. If scheduled outside availability, a $25 fee will be due.)
  • Payment In-Full.

For our guarantee to be valid all rechecks MUST be scheduled and performed within 7 days of the initial treatment by The Lice Guide staff.

We guarantee all of our head lice removal services.