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Head Lice Testimonials From Our Clients

"Great place to come very professional and made my children feel comfortable. They had movies and games that kept the kids entertained during the process. I would recommend them to everyone."
— Amanda —

"These ladies are awesome and are well educated on the subject matter! From the moment we stepped into the salon we were put at ease and everything was explained the whole time we were there. I will recommend them to anyone who has lice - so worth the drive and peace of mind! Thank you!"
— Stephanie —

"It was a Saturday when we found lice on my daughter. They were 100% accommodating and recommended we come in Saturday instead of Sunday because the price increases for Sunday. They checked our whole family. Please if you are hesitant use these people! They know what they are doing and are the most kind gentle ladies you will ever find. Follow their few guide lines and be 100% free of lice."
— Jenny R.—

"This is a great friendly place to help a single mother with 5 children. I was so stressed out having to fight these critters on my own it felt like a constant battle. Thanks to Stacy and Leah for helping me and ease my children during this process and brenda for being so helpful and understanding."
— Alicia L.—

"This place is awesome! amazing people who will put all your worries of lice aside!!"
— Allison —

"Absolutely an AMAZING group of ladies!! Took us in after hours and were so wonderful! Was like hanging out at home with family! Thank you for taking such good care of my children!!"
— Nicole S. —

"We were in town visiting family when we found out one of our children had lice. The Lice Guides were wonderful! So caring and compassionate. Went through every strand of hair and made sure the whole family was completely lice free before we left. They put you at ease and really care about what they do. They educate you on everything you need to know about lice. So happy they were there for us! THANK YOU!!!"
— Deaynn —

"We needed professional help and on the weekend, and we got both. Thank you for your help in checking and treating. We would recommend Lice Guides to family and friends."
— Scott —

"The Lice Guides kept me from loosing my sanity!!!! Thank you! After getting lice spread to 4 out of 5 family members we were referred to the Lice Guides.. They calmed my concerns from the moment I talked to her on the phone. They both were very informational and were able to get us in the very next morning. Upon arrival they were very welcoming and kept my children happy while they were treated. I will refer anyone to the Lice Guides. We are very lucky to have this service. THANK YOU!!!"
— Jeanne —

“This is our first time experiencing lice in our home. I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. We tried everything. Finally, after many attempts, someone recommended the lice guides. When we got there the atmosphere is inviting and kid friendly. The staff are informative and understanding. They don't pressure you to buy anything, but recommend and give you the tools you need. They guarantee the lice is out and nits. The nits were the worse part! Their experienced hands worked diligently over our heads! They have movies for children to keep them entertained and things for them to do afterwards if mom or dad need to be treated as well. I am so impressed and wish I knew about them sooner! I recommend anyone to go there if you want it done and gone and no worries!”
— Sera

“The Lice Guides came to our rescue twice this winter when our 1st grader brought home head lice and these with her little sister. After spending hours on home remedies and manual removal, then too much $$$ the first time on shampoo and a kit from the drug store, not to mention sore backs and strained necks, without success, we contacted The Lice Guides. The next time we didn’t even bother with the rest – sent a message after the kids went to bed and Brenda and Sara were able to get the whole family in the next day. They work around your hours and needs, are extremely professional, great with the kids, and actually helped make it a fun experience for the kids, and a comfortable one for us. Would use them again in a heartbeat if we need it (with 3 kids in school, we might) and will recommend to all. Thank you!”
— Ann (family nurse practitioner) and Pete (stay at home dad, student)

The Lice Guides are experts at getting rid of head lice

“I have rarely, maybe never, received such caring and “above the call of duty” service from any business in my life than the service and care I received from Sarah and Brenda at The Lice Guides! I remember seeing lice for the first time in my life on my daughters head and being in a dead panic. I was given The Lice Guides number from a family member, and called Sarah to leave a message for her. She called me back immediately. She calmed me down in an instant by letting me know I could come in right then and there, and how to easily eliminate the lice that could be in my home. I was so relieved! Sarah and Brenda gave our family such a warm welcome and treated us like we were family from the second we walked in the door! My three young children were treated with so much love and compassion you would think they’ve known Sarah and Brenda their whole lives! They are extremely clean, precise, and professionals at what they do. By the time you leave, you know everything about lice that they know! They have such an open door policy to access them if you have questions. They offer discounts, and cater to families. I truly could write a book on this company after one visit of how kind, understanding, informative, generous, loving and special these ladies were to our family! I seriously tell people that we got lice so God could bless us by meeting Sarah and Brenda. This is how great of people they are and how wonderful of a business they run. They are truly a blessing to this small community.”
Janel Herold Betsinger

“The ladies at the Lice Guides were excellent with my family and I!!! Even with my daughters super thick long hair they went through every strand and did great at explaining things to us and making sure that everyone was comfortable and well cared for. Though having the lice wasn’t so great, going to them for help was the best decision we made!! I would recommend them to anyone.”
— Jennifer

“When I found out my children had head lice, I was devastated. I ran to a pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended Rid or Nix. Little did I know that these over-the-counter products are not as effective as they used to be, in fact, they did not work at all on my kids. I called The Lice Guides and Sarah and Brenda were so awesome! Not only did they remove every last nit and lice from my kids heads, but they educated me on lice and how they are transferred, what to watch for, how to prevent it from happening again and how to clean our brushes, bedding, clothes, etc. Did you know that you don’t have to put your stuffed animals in a bag for two weeks like my mom recommended? Seriously, these ladies are worth every penny! Not to mention that they have a welcoming environment and make you feel at home even though you are going through a horrible ordeal. You will not be disappointed in their services. They are phenomenal and I would highly recommend them to anyone going through head lice.”
— Jenny C. —

“Ah-mazing!! One phone call and Sara calmed down this panicked mommy! Got us all in, checked and treated the same afternoon!! So glad to have access to them :) and to an all-natural remedy!”
— Amanda V-L.

“The Lice Guides have been a wonderful business addition to our community. As a small town school nurse and parent with small children, they have been helpful both professionally and personally. Sara and Brenda have volunteered many hours helping me with head checks in school and I have taken my own family to their salon for an even more thorough check than I can do on my own. They have taught me more about head lice than I care to know! Although my family has not personally had head lice, if we ever do, I will not hesitate to use their services. As a school nurse I have seen first-hand many children infested with head lice return to school in a day without any remaining signs of head lice. They are professional, confidential, and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend The Lice Guides to anyone.”
— Rachel

“The school year hasn’t officially started until you get the pleasure of Head Lice. I spent a day crying and picking live lice out of my two girls hair, only to find out what I was using wasn’t working. I felt hopeless and ashamed and dirty. My boss sent me to The Lice Guides and they treated my family with nothing but respect. They made the “stigma” of lice vanish and treated all of us. (yes, even I had it!) They made us feel so comfortable and were so very patient. I can’t recommend this place enough.”
— Heidi C. —

“Thank you so much for getting my three children in so quickly! You all did an excellent job and were very thorough. Sara, thanks for being so patient with my daughter who had to sit in the chair for three hours! She even gave her a pop while she sat and watched a movie she picked out! I would recommend them to anyone looking for lice and nit removal services. It was a relief for me as a parent dealing with problem to hand it over to the experts. Thanks so much.”
— Misty M.

“I found lice last night during a routine head check on 2 of my daughters. I left a message last night and they called me first thing this morning. I brought my children here a year and a half ago after a week of trying to treat the lice on my own. Sara & Brenda are wonderful! Very kind & patient! I have 4 children and no matter what the age they enjoy watching movies, eating snacks, coloring, etc. Sara and Brenda always make us feel right at home! Too bad I didn’t have to come see them under better circumstances. But, they sure know how to make a bad situation like lice more bearable. Thank you Sara and Brenda! Hope we don’t have to see you again, but, if we do, I know you will take good care of us. Thank you!”
— Sarah Anderson

“Amanda & I work at an Elementary school and heard about the “The Lice Guides” from a parent that had used their services. When we went to visit their salon both of us were very impressed not only by their services, but their dedication to help parents through this tough time. They took time out of their day explaining to us how they get rid of the lice, educate the parents and gave us a folder full of information that we could use. They are full of “lice knowledge.” They are truly passionate about this. We would recommend this service.”
— Amanda & Lisa

“I would recommend anyone to The Lice Guides That Need Lice & Nit Services! They Are The Nicest Ladies & they Do an Expert Job! The Greatest!”
— Kim

“Peace of mind…priceless!! Just knowing we are lice free was worth the time and money! This was the first time my daughter had lice and overwhelmed I called and Sara made me feel loads better. My daughter would never have sat so nice for me. Loads of helpful information too!”
— Amanda M. - Cold Spring, MN

“5 stars! Very thorough & knowledgeable. Take great care of clients.”
— Cory B. - St. Cloud, MN

“The Lice Guides were extremely helpful in a unit I was teaching to my middle school students. They sent along very helpful information, as well as some samples for the kids to look at under the microscopes. The kids were absolutely fascinated! These people are absolutely wonderful! They have been more than kind and generous to their community and definitely deserve your interest. Awesome local business!”
— Deb Schlueter


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